50 Street Scenes. A Belgian Ghost*, Oostend.(11/50)

A Belgian Ghost... In Oostend for a another few days. To photograph zombies, that I’ve shortly believed were painted by James Ensor, in the windows of downtown. Creatively, it’s the black out. I do not know how you live this shy spring, for me it’s close to zero. Zero sales. Zero new followers. Zero desire. Except to read Trax, the French magazine of electronic music. To listen to old lps of James Brown. And in the evening to lose some money in the Casino. If you have a recipe to get me out of this mess, I’m interested. And, in the hope of the message that finally will prove to me that I’m not alone on the Net, I embrace you. Buddha bless you! About Belgian Ghost*… Canon Eos 20D. Lens: 50mm. Length: F/4. Exposure time: 1/60 s. ISO-400. No flash.


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