I Call Eve All my Beloved Ones. Even if That Eve is really my favorite.*

* J’appelle Ève toutes mes chéries. Même si cette Ève-là est vraiment ma préférée.

<em>Something my photos won’t tell you, perhaps, is that I like silence and walking, going to the suburbs and sitting on the terrasses of the cafés, pencil in hand, thinking about what to photograph next. Or wondering what made me start http://www.newstilllifes.com last year. Was it money? Certainly not, although (and I’m not pretending to be Cartier-Bresson here) I’d be happy if enthusiasts liked the photos which are on show in my Shop at http://www.photoshelter.com. No, I’ve got other plans. Like having an exhibition of my still lifes photos far from Paris. This seems to me better suited to my taste for the unexpected encounters… All work copyright 2011-2013 Jean-Loup Lafont.</em>Color photograph of my doll Eve in a glass decorated with a faded peony!

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À propos de New Still Lifes

Hi, Friend! If you like this photoblog, you should logically be interested in www.newstilllifes.com. At this address, you will discover drawings, mosaics and still life photographs . Don't hesitate to tell me what you've thought of your visit. Whenever I return from my short walks in the woods, I always turn the computer in the hope of a surprise. Rising stats . Encouragement. Various proposals. Reveries or (caustic) remarks. So, see you soon!

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