The Three Sisters. Crazy About Him. Will Do Anything to be Kissed !*

* Les Trois Soeurs. Folles de lui. Prêtes à tout pour se faire embrasser!*

<em>It’s from Ostend in Belgium that I address these lines to the visitors of the New Still Lifes. Outside, it’s drizzling and as the beach is undergoing major filling works, no question of romantic stroll in front of the North Sea… For you, however, there is no problem to visit my little shop  at : simply click. At the end of your ride, if you have  time to leave me a comment, it will give me more inspiration to continue my photographic adventures. Thank you in advance and Buddha bless us … All work copyright 2011-2013 Jean-Loup Lafont.</em>Image


À propos de New Still Lifes

Hi, Friend! If you like this photoblog, you should logically be interested in At this address, you will discover drawings, mosaics and still life photographs . Don't hesitate to tell me what you've thought of your visit. Whenever I return from my short walks in the woods, I always turn the computer in the hope of a surprise. Rising stats . Encouragement. Various proposals. Reveries or (caustic) remarks. So, see you soon!


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