The Word You’re Unlikely to Find in Your Newspaper!*

*Le mot que vous avez peu de chances de trouver dans votre journal!

<em>Jean-Loup Lafont</em> is a self-taught photographer who lives and works in Paris. In 2011, he has created New Still Lifes to showcase you every morning one of his creations. Photographs  are on sale on the U.S. site From $ 10 (the small formats) and on the basis of three images per format available. The shipping fee within the United States and Canada is approximately $ 5.95. Please inquire about the shipping costs for orders outside the United States and Canada. All work copyright 2011-2013 Jean-Loup Lafont.color photograph of the word Fuck  written on a window

À propos de New Still Lifes

Hi, Friend! If you like this photoblog, you should logically be interested in At this address, you will discover drawings, mosaics and still life photographs . Don't hesitate to tell me what you've thought of your visit. Whenever I return from my short walks in the woods, I always turn the computer in the hope of a surprise. Rising stats . Encouragement. Various proposals. Reveries or (caustic) remarks. So, see you soon!


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